Natural Stone Veneer

The Rock Garden of Fort Collins is the premier source for quality, locally sourced natural stone and stone veneer products. If you’re looking for the right material for your next landscaping or home design project, consider the benefits of natural stone veneer and then stop by our landscaping store in Fort Collins to explore our wide range of options.

What is Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer is a thin layer of stone that is used as a decorative surface material. It's often used to wrap around exterior or interior walls, columns, fireplaces, and other architectural structures to enhance their visual appeal. Veneers usually range in thickness from 1 inch to 3 inches.

Stone veneers can be cut from natural stone blocks or they can be created as manufactured stone veneers, artificially made in factories with cement, aggregates, and pigments. With its versatile aesthetics and high functionality, stone veneer is a favorite among architects, builders, and homeowners alike.

Types of Stone Veneer

When it comes to choosing a type of natural stone veneer for your project, there are several things you’ll need to consider, including the color, shape, and pattern of the stone. It is often best to choose the pattern first and then the color as different patterns will influence different aesthetics. For example, a random pattern veneer will create a more natural, rustic, look while a precision-cut Ashlar veneer is better for clean, modern applications.

Still not sure which type of stone veneer to choose? At The Rock Garden, we are always just a phone call or a visit away. Our Fort Collins store with a walkable rock garden is the perfect place to get your questions answered and find inspiration!

Natural Stone Veneer Pattern Choices

Beautiful, completely custom blends of real quarried stone to create the perfect look for your home.
Available in thin, 2" and 4" thickness
Local and regional stone
Custom stone to fit your style

Sawn Pattern

Sawn pattern veneer is defined by its rectangular units, cut to precise dimensions, with each edge finely dressed. The stone veneers radiate a captivating blend of elegant sophistication and a rugged charm - a classical style that stands the test of time. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, Sawn stone veneer is ideal for both exterior and interior applications and can effortlessly embellish home exteriors, fireplaces, feature walls, and outdoor living spaces.
Chop Pattern

Chop Pattern

Chop stone veneer delivers a clean-cut, geometric elegance to your designs. A blend of contemporary precision and natural allure, these stones will allow your creativity to manifest in your architectural elements. Once the stone is quarried, we enhance its natural characteristics by squaring up the edges so it can be utilized in a more uniform pattern. Chop stone veneer is the perfect compromise between modern and rustic and is ideal for both interior and exterior projects.
Chop pattern illustration

Random Pattern

If you're inclined towards a design that is versatile and a tad adventurous, our random stone veneer may just become your go-to. Each piece is unique in size and shape, resulting in a mosaic of natural expression when put together. This randomness imparts a freestyle aesthetic, portraying the raw and untamed side of nature in a refined manner.

Shop Natural Stone Veneer at The Rock Garden

If you’re considering using natural stone veneer for your next home or business improvement project, know that you don’t have to go far to get premium stone products and expert guidance from those who know all about stone landscaping. At The Rock Garden, we’re here to advise you, inspire you, and help you transform your vision into reality. Visit our Fort Collins landscaping store for more information or learn more about our natural stone products on our website.
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