We Built The Rock Garden to Showcase World-Class Stone in a Unique Setting.

We want our visitors to be inspired, feel comfortable and learn about innovative uses of local stone.

Natural stone mined from our quarries in northern Colorado is available nowhere but The Rock Garden.

Natural stone from our quarries includes Brownstone, Watermark Buff, Cherokee, Aspen and Sunrise Sandstones. Because we market our stone in house, we assure you high quality and short lead times.

The Rock Garden’s #1 goal is to increase the artistry and value of projects with the use of natural stone.

In the spirit of creative accomplishment, we continue to seek innovative approaches for the use and appreciation of natural stone.

Our team is assembled and ready to rock.

The Rock Garden extends a warm welcome to you. Our Team has expert knowledge of our products and will politely show you our extensive displays. You may also enjoy your visit unattended. Our Team is prepared to provide installation recommendations appropriate to your project. We are happy to help you make your project an achievement.