Meet Our Team

  • Garrett Fred

  • Jonathan Baldt

    Jonathan Baldt

    Yard, Driver, Stone Fabrication

    Jonathan has a knack for just about everything.  He’s never met a stranger, and he’s happy to help out with even the smallest of requests. Jonathan has build a few very interesting rock features around the Garden and loves to work with his hands. All the years he’s been working with The Rock Garden there has never been a dull moment, he’s very light hearted and enjoys a good laugh.

  • Josh Dengler

  • Justyn Hamilton

    Quarry Manager/ Owner

    Justyn has been holding down the quarry operations for The Rock Garden since the beginning.  Master of field fixes and on the spot decisions, he’s keeps the equipment at the quarry running even in the worst circumstances. Justyn has built a crew at the quarry that we are very proud of.  It’s truly the heart of the operation, and we have major respect for the efforts of his quarry team.


  • Mike Hendrix

    Mike Hendrix

    Yard, Stone Fabrication

    Mike is one of the originals.  The yard is his territory, and he loves to run equipment.  Mike has many relationships in Northern Colorado and his connection to the community is very valuable. He has a big heart, and great work ethic. Mike is also our go-to guy for making water features like our Sphere of Tranquility rolling balls, and boulder fountains.