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Landscape stone is commonly used in a variety of applications including patios, retaining walls, water features, pathways, and fireplaces, among others. Landscape stones can also be used to create outdoor living spaces, such as an outdoor kitchen or fire pit, or to create aesthetic and functional focal points within a garden, such as a stone garden bench or stone walkway. When used correctly, they can provide a timeless natural beauty to your outdoor space.

At The Rock Garden, we offer a variety of natural landscaping stone products that are perfect for enhancing your garden or landscaping. Stop by our Fort Collins store and take a walk through our rock garden for inspiration or speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

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Walling Rock

Walling rock is a type of natural stone product used in many landscape designs. It is favored for its natural beauty, durability and low maintenance. Walling rock is typically used in projects like retaining walls, garden borders, and raised beds. This type of natural stone comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes, which makes it versatile and suitable for different landscape styles. The textured finish of walling rock can add a rustic charm, which can enhance the overall aesthetics of an outdoor space.
Natural flagstone walkway

Flagstone Steppers

Flagstone steppers are flat stone slabs typically used for walkways, patios, and stepping stone paths. The irregular shapes and sizes of flagstone steppers can create a casual and natural look suitable for different landscape designs, while their exceptional durability makes them a practical choice for high-traffic outdoor areas.

Dry Stack and Strip Stone

Dry Stack is a technique of building structures using stones without any mortar to bind them together. It is commonly used in landscapes for constructing retaining walls, stone fences, and garden borders. It offers a timeless aesthetic, mimicking the look of ancient walls or structures. Strip stone is often used in dry stacking. It’s a type of stone that has been cut into thin, rectangular shapes. They are often used for creating uniform and clean-lined landscaping features, such as walls, siding, and veneers. Their regular shape and size make them easy to work with, allowing for a fairly straightforward installation process.


Natural rock boulders are large, rounded, or irregularly shaped rocks, which are often used as natural landscape accents. These boulders can serve as focal points in lawns and gardens, as well as functional elements in custom water or fire features. Due to their size and distinctive shape, natural rock boulders can provide dramatic visual interest and add a rugged, natural beauty to any landscape.

Natural Stone Steps

Natural stone steps are individual stones cut flat on at least two sides, suitable for creating outdoor staircases or steps in a landscape. These steps often blend seamlessly with the surrounding landscape and add a sense of permanence and elegance. They offer not just functionality, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, creating a natural transition between different levels in a garden or yard.
Natural stone steps

Choosing the Right Landscape Stone for Your Project

It's important to choose the right stone for your landscape needs. Consider factors such as color, size, weight, durability, cost, and maintenance requirements. For instance, a durable material like flagstone is suitable for high-traffic areas, while a lighter and more decorative stone may be a great choice for creating an eye-catching feature in your garden.

Also, consider the design and aesthetic appeal you desire. Do you want a modern, rustic, traditional, or contemporary look? Are you inclined towards smooth, polished stones, or do you prefer rugged, natural-looking ones? By considering these factors, you can select landscape stones that will harmonize with your home and the surrounding environment, and contribute to your outdoor space's overall appeal and functionality.
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Looking for natural landscaping stone for your home or business? The Rock Garden specializes in providing high quality, locally sourced stone products including flagstone, landscaping boulders, walling rock, and more. While we don’t provide landscape design or installation services, our crew is always happy to help you decide on the best application for your project. Stop by our Fort Collins store, take a tour of our rock garden, and be inspired!

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