Frequently Asked Questions


Where does your stone come from?

Most of our stone is sourced right here in Northern Colorado!  Our quarry is located just a few miles up the highway near Laporte, where we excavate and process stone.  We also outsource some materials from local partners in Lyons and Masonville, and regional partners in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Wyoming.

Are you open to the public?

Yes! Please stop by and visit our display garden. We have created an inviting environment where you can feel comfortable and inspired.

Can we take pictures at The Rock Garden?

Absolutely! We frequently have different professional (and amateur) photographers using our beautiful surroundings as the setting for their work. You don’t need to worry about getting permission in advance, but we do ask that you respect the property while you are on it.

How do I order your stone products?

You are always welcome to stop by our showroom or stone yard at 167 Spaulding Lane in Fort Collins and order in person, especially if you'd like to discuss the project or need samples of material. Otherwise, most orders can also be processed over the phone or via email.

What are your payment terms?

All payments are due on receipt when your order is picked up or delivered, unless you have a prior arrangement with us and have filled out our credit application.  Deposits are only required on select large-volume orders.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.  There is currently a 3% processing fee for any bank card transactions.

Can I return products?

Our current policy is “no returns or exchanges” once our stone has left the yard.

What are the lead times for in-stock items?

However long it takes to get your vehicle loaded! Our stone yard has many different products that are ready to go, you just need to weigh in and weigh out, and we can settle up in the office. Anything too large or heavy we can usually deliver to you within a week, starting at $100 per hour.

What are the lead times for custom items?

Lead time is determined by a few different variables like the size and complexity of the project, as well as the weather – but most jobs can be completed in two to four weeks.

Will The Rock Garden do a takeoff on my blueprints?

We discourage our employees from doing takeoffs, especially for custom cuts. We want you to get exactly what you want, and to ensure that, we like to use your dimensions and square footage, not ours.

Do you install products?

We do not have an installation crew, however, we frequently work with landscapers and masons, and would be more than happy to refer you to a company to you that fits your project’s needs.

What are the costs of shipping?

We have a flat rate of $100 per hour with a $100 minimum on all deliveries. This includes round-trip travel and unloading time.

Does The Rock Garden ship to Denver and Wyoming?

We deliver within a 50-mile radius of The Rock Garden within Colorado. We do not deliver to Wyoming.

How will my material be delivered?

We have multiple delivery options, including an 18-wheeler, a goose-neck trailer, and a dump truck. We need at least a 10-foot-wide access for our machine to place products where you want them.

Will sandstone stain, and how do I care for it?

Yes, sandstone is porous and susceptible to stains. We are a supplier of Dry-Treat, which we highly recommend applying to any surface you are concerned may stain. Even though your stone is sealed, it is best to immediately wipe up spills and messes. For more information, visit

What is the best method to clean counter top surfaces?

For daily cleaning, use pH-balanced cleaners and soap-free detergents. Mild dish washing liquid sometimes works quite well on stone surfaces. It is important to thoroughly rinse the stone to remove any remaining cleaner.

Can my sandstone fountain stay outside year-round?

There is a chance that your water pump will freeze, and it is possible to crack the stone when it is in standing water.

How much does your stone weigh?

We estimate our stone to weigh 147.5 pounds per cubic foot.

How does your stone react to extreme heat?

Our stone fire pits can withstand extreme heat but not direct flame. We always advise caution when dealing with natural stone. Direct exposure to flame will discolor or crack the stone.

Do I need to prepare my structure for a veneer?

There are many factors to consider when the plan calls for a structure to support the weight of a natural stone veneer. Most of the weight will be supported by the foundation, and it is important to consult an engineer for your specific needs

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