Landscape Boulders

If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance the look of your outdoor space, consider adding one or more natural rock boulders to your landscape. Boulders add an interesting visual element while blending seamlessly with just about any landscape style. Whether you’re working with a landscaper, or looking into using boulders for your own project, the helpful team here at The Rock Garden is happy to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

What Are Landscape Boulders?

Landscape boulders are large pieces of natural stone that are primarily used to add dramatic focal points to various outdoor spaces. Landscape boulders are rugged and full of character with different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They are a versatile landscaping product, capable of serving many functions from setting boundaries, creating accent pieces, and improving aesthetics to serving as functional components in outdoor areas.

Custom Features Made With Boulders

Natural rock boulders are captivating on their own, but imagine adding water for a truly unique, eye-catching piece! At The Rock Garden, we have natural stone boulders of all shapes and sizes and provide core drilling services to create a custom water feature you won’t find anywhere else.

Looking for another way to personalize your space? Consider incorporating smaller, flat-sided landscape boulders to use as seating throughout your landscape. If you’ve never thought of all of the ways that you can use boulders to enhance your yard, stop by our store for some instant inspiration!

Tips for Using Boulders in Your Landscaping

Enhancing your front or backyard with landscape boulders can make a significant impact, tying together the natural elements of your environment, and transforming your landscape into a captivating showpiece. Here are some tips to utilize these majestic elements effectively.

Boulders as Focal Points

Owing to their size and visual weight, boulders naturally draw attention. Utilize them as focal points in your landscape to break the monotony and add interest.

Consider Proportions

It’s essential to choose a boulder that fits the scale of your landscape. Too small and it will be drowned by the surrounding plants; too large and it may overshadow other elements.

Integration With the Landscape

Consider burying part of the boulder in the ground for a more natural look, as though they were naturally placed by the movements of the earth. This technique, also known as 'planting' the boulder, helps it blend with the surrounding landscape.

Craft Functional Spaces

Beyond aesthetics, boulders can be functional too. Position them as natural seating around a fire pit, or use larger ones as stand-alone seats for admiring your garden.

Stop By The Rock Garden to Learn More About Landscape Boulders

Take your landscape design to the next level with natural rock boulders from The Rock Garden! We take immense pride in offering a diverse assortment of locally sourced landscape boulders and a beautiful space where you can see them up close for yourself. Plus, our team of experts is always available to assist with your choice and to offer the best suggestions on incorporating them into your landscape. Whether you’re just learning about boulders, or you already have a plan in mind, we invite you to stop by our landscaping store or fill out our online form to request a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping Boulders

Landscape boulders can vary significantly in weight depending on their size and the type of rock. Small boulders might weigh a few hundred pounds, while larger ones can weigh several thousand pounds.
We deliver within a 50-mile radius of The Rock Garden within Colorado. We do not deliver to Wyoming. We also work with local landscapers who will be able to help you place your boulder upon delivery.
There are several ways to incorporate boulders into your landscaping. You can group several smaller boulders together, showcase a large boulder with an array of flowers and greenery around it, or you can even create a custom piece with your boulder such as a fountain or fire feature.
The size of the landscape boulder you need largely depends on your landscape and design. If you are placing the boulder in a large space as a focal point, you might need a large boulder. Conversely, if the boulder is being used in a smaller garden or as an accent, a smaller boulder might be more appropriate. You should also consider the scale of your landscape and other structures around it when deciding on size.

The best course of action that we can recommend is to stop by our landscaping store so you can get a feel for how large (and heavy!) boulders can be.
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