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Welcome to The Rock Garden, your ultimate destination in Fort Collins for high-quality dry stack stone, flagstone, walling rock, boulders, and more. Whether you’re planning an intricate garden wall, a rustic outdoor fireplace, or a serene backyard retreat, our gorgeous selection of dry stack stone including strip stone will help you create a landscape that is both functional and breathtaking.

What is Dry Stack Stone?

Dry stack is a classic technique for building structures using stones without any mortar to bind them together. This method is widely appreciated for its aesthetic appeal, durability, and versatility in landscaping projects.

Unlike traditional stonework, dry stacking relies on the careful placement of stones without the use of mortar. This results in a look that is both natural and timeless, reminiscent of ancient stone walls and structures. Each stone's unique texture and color contribute to a picturesque, rustic appearance that blends seamlessly into natural settings. Dry stack structures are incredibly durable and their design allows them to settle naturally over time, reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.

Applications For Dry Stack Stone

Dry stack stone is incredibly versatile and can be used in various landscaping features, including:

Retaining Walls: Perfect for controlling soil erosion and creating leveled areas in your garden. Their natural look also enhances the landscape's beauty.

Stone Fences: Provides a sturdy yet visually appealing boundary for your property.

Garden Borders: Adds a charming, defined edge to garden beds and pathways.

Use of Strip Stone in Dry Stack Construction

A popular choice in dry stack construction is strip stone. This type of stone is cut into thin, rectangular shapes, making it particularly suited for creating uniform, clean-lined features, and straight lines that are ideal for contemporary landscaping designs. Thanks to their consistent dimensions, strip stones are easier to work with than other types of dry stack stone, allowing for a relatively straightforward and efficient installation process. These reasons, plus their number of versatile uses, make them a practical choice for many landscaping projects.
Dry stack

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Discover the endless possibilities with dry stack stone at The Rock Garden. Conveniently located in Fort Collins, we offer a large selection of dry stack stones and unmatched expert advice for your landscaping projects. Discover the endless possibilities with dry stack stone at The Rock Garden. Visit us today and let us help you bring your outdoor vision to life with the perfect stones for your next landscaping masterpiece.
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