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Welcome to The Rock Garden - Your One-Stop Shop for Natural Stone Supplies! At The Rock Garden, we're not just suppliers of natural stone; we're natural stone enthusiasts. We share your passion for creating beautiful, durable, and environmentally friendly designs using the world's oldest building material - natural stone.

Whether you prefer the rugged beauty of fieldstone, the traditional elegance of stacked stone, or the symmetry of cut stone blocks, there is something for everyone at The Rock Garden. And if you can’t decide, our expert team is always on hand to assist and advise you in finding the perfect walling rock for your particular project.

What is Walling Rock?

Walling rock refers to large, durable stones that are often used in construction and landscaping projects, including boundary walls, property divisions, retaining walls, and garden features. It is favored for its natural beauty, durability, and low maintenance. Expert landscapers and DIY enthusiasts alike appreciate walling rock for its versatility, using it to create everything from rustic, old-world garden walls to sleek, modern barriers. Because it comes in various colors, shapes, and sizes, it’s suitable for all types of landscape projects and design styles.

Choosing the Right Walling Rock

Choosing the right walling rock for your project depends on several factors: the style of your project, size requirements, and your personal preferences.

Style of Your Project

Walling rock comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures so it’s important to consider which ones will align with the overall style and aesthetic of your project. 

Size Requirements

Since the walling rock we sell at The Rock Garden is sourced naturally and not man-made, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on your project and the amount of space you have to work with, you’re probably looking for walling rock of a particular size. Before you start picking out your rock, make sure to have your measurements handy so you can be sure to choose the right materials for the job.

Personal Preference

Your personal preferences will play a big role in deciding which walling rock to choose. The best thing to do is to take some time to visit a stone supplier or landscaping store to see the rocks in person. Touch them, look at them up close, and imagine them in your project. At The Rock Garden in Fort Collins, we offer you the ability to do just that. Plus, we have knowledgeable staff on hand ready and available to answer any questions you may have. 

Benefits of Adding Walling Rock to Your Landscape

Walling rocks are the foundation of many landscaping and construction projects. Ideal for a range of applications including property boundaries, retaining walls, and garden features, walling rocks deliver a blend of aesthetic resilience and structural toughness that few other materials can match. Here are a few more of the benefits of using walling rock in your next project:

Aesthetic Appeal

Walling rock adds an attractive, natural element to landscape designs. It can enhance the visual appeal of a garden or yard and is available in various colors, textures, and sizes to suit different aesthetic preferences.

Durability and Strength

Rock is an extremely durable material that can withstand the elements and time. Walling rock, in particular, is robust enough to retain soil, support structures, and resist erosion and decay.


Walling rock can be used in many ways in landscaping, from building retaining walls, creating garden beds, and developing pathways, to forming borders around property lines or garden areas.

Low Maintenance

Once placed, walling rock requires little to no maintenance. It does not rot, warp, or need painting, unlike other landscaping materials. Plus, they're an environmentally friendly choice for landscape design.

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Shop a Large Selection of Walling Rock at The Rock Garden

The inherent strength and weather resistance of natural stone make it an ideal choice for creating lasting outdoor features such as retaining walls, ornamental installations, or boundary markers. As one of the leading wholesale suppliers of natural walling rock in the region, The Rock Garden offers a vast assortment of locally sourced rocks available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.

Whether you’re an architect, a landscaper, a builder, or a DIY enthusiast, we’re always ready to share our knowledge and experience. Visit our Fort Collins natural stone supply store or get in touch with us by phone. We can't wait to help you bring your ideas to life with the timeless beauty of natural stone.
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