6 Flagstone Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping

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Flagstone is a wonderfully dynamic type of stone design that can meet the demands of your upcoming landscaping project. From steps and patios to wall capstones and walkways, the ways you can utilize flagstones are limited only by your imagination! Bringing a timeless aesthetic charm that can be matched with a variety of landscaping themes, these flat stone slabs should be at the center of your project planning. 

If you want to incorporate flagstone steps but you’re also not quite sure where to begin, here are 6 flagstone ideas that will elevate your landscaping this summer! For a large selection of quality flagstone, shop The Rock Garden in Fort Collins. 

What is Flagstone? 

Flagstones, also known as flagstone steppers, are flat stone slabs of varying shapes, designs, colors, and cuts that create a natural yet refined beauty when applied to different landscape designs. Flagstone is an exceptionally durable stone product that makes it suitable for high-traffic outdoor areas, and its variability makes it practical for basically any type and scale of project. By hand-selecting a chosen set of flagstone steppers, you can customize your project down to the very stone. 

Flagstone is technically a sedimentary rock, composed of feldspar and quartz, and often comes in red, blue, tan, and brown colors, though more exotic colors also exist. They are typically cut in rectangular or square shapes, but can also come in randomized, natural cuts. 

1. Flagstone Stairs

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One of the most common ways we have seen flagstone steppers incorporated into landscaping projects is as stairs. Both in the front and backyard, flagstone is the perfect solution to connect different levels of your property such as a raised garden, a sloping hill, or a procession from a driveway and walkway to the front patio. It’s important to keep in mind that flagstones are not that thick, so the steps will either need to be more gradually ascending the uneven height, or multiple layers will need to be stacked to raise the height of the step.  

2. Flagstone Patio

| 6 Flagstone Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping | The Rock Garden

Stone patios are a classic and timeless addition to homes, and within the last decade, they have been surging in popularity over cheaper options of wood and concrete. Patios are places of high foot traffic, especially if your home is accustomed to accommodating large gatherings of people for parties and barbecues. Flagstone is, therefore, a fantastic way to build out the front and back entrances of your home with a beautiful aesthetic that emanates a sense of quality and class. Whether you decide on a modern design of intermixed rectangular flagstone or a more classic look with an irregular pattern, flagstone is the best choice for a new patio project. 

3. Flagstone Wall Capstones

| 6 Flagstone Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping | The Rock Garden

Flagstone steps are very commonly associated with footpaths, walkways, steps, and patios, but they are also a great choice for wall capstones. Because they are flat yet strong and come in all shapes, flagstone can perfectly fit the design and shape of stone walls, regardless if they are straight, cornered, or curving with the shape of the land. Very often they are used as the top portion of a retaining wall, and their length helps them to be used in middle portions of a retaining wall that can penetrate the earth behind. However, even with standalone walls, flagstones can be the exact capstone you need, creating a sturdy, flat, and beautiful finish that can be stacked dry or with mortar. 

4. Flagstone Path

| 6 Flagstone Ideas That Will Elevate Your Landscaping | The Rock Garden

Along with steps, a path or walkway is an absolute staple utility for flagstone. Because flagstone is already flat, the ground where it will be laid does not need to be excavated an extreme amount. It’s best to create an excavated route and line it with sand and gravel for a level foundation before laying the flagstone itself. 

There are a variety of ways that flagstone can be used as a path or walkway. From a garden path to a walkway leading to your front door, using natural stone as a route to traverse from one spot to the next creates a sense of order without compromising on style. Flagstone perfectly matches the surrounding natural environment while also being slip-resistant if it is exposed to rain, sprinkler water, and snow. Finally, while square and rectangular flagstone steppers work well for linear pathways, the variable cut designs can create the perfect curving walk. 

5. Flagstone Fireplace 

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Firepits and fireplaces can be a wonderful focal point of any front or backyard - in order to make them look well-built and structurally sound, natural stone is always the way you’ll want to go. Once again, be mindful that flagstone steppers are naturally less thick, so they are better used to accent an existing structure. The Rock garden has an endless variety of more durable natural stones that are ideal for creating your base structure. We can also provide custom dimensional stone to create just the shape you’re looking for.    . 

Don’t forget to put the finishing touches on your outdoor fire pit area. You can take your project  a step further and use flagstone to create a seating area to go along with the firepit - maybe even a flagstone path to get your guests out there in the dark! 

6. Flagstone Pool Deck

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With a classic, luxurious appeal matched with the utility of its naturally slip-resistant finish, flagstone is the perfect type of pool deck for your backyard. As we mentioned previously, the varied, natural texture of flagstone means that it won’t get slippery and slick when wet, making it the best material to surround your pool area or hot tub. Furthermore, certain types and colors of sandstone (which flagstone is made from) won’t absorb much heat from the sun, keeping it from getting scalding hot on a summer day. 

Visit the Rock Garden - Your Local Source For Quality Flagstone

Flagstone steps are the perfect type of landscaping material for practically any project needing stone. We hope that some of our ideas above have inspired you to take on an exciting project this summer, and if you’re interested in finding the right stone to go with it, consider visiting the Rock Garden to see the stone in person! Nothing stirs inspiration and creativity like seeing the material itself before you and getting helpful advice from our experienced staff., Visit our Fort Collins landscaping store today  or contact our team to learn more.  

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