7 Ways to Use Boulders in Your Landscaping

custom water feature made out of a boulder

Natural stone has been a staple of human architecture for thousands of years, and today it remains a popular choice for a timeless, elegant aesthetic. But the benefit of stone extends well beyond its natural beauty - it can be used to great effect and functionality throughout your property, including your landscaping. 

If you’re looking for a few ideas on how best to incorporate landscape boulders into your yard or garden, you’ve come to the right place! Here are seven of the greatest ways we’ve seen boulders put to use. 

Custom Fire and Water Features

One of the most popular uses of our landscape boulders is the creation of awe-inspiring custom fire and water features. At the Rock Garden, we provide core drilling services so you can create the perfect addition to your patio, garden, or yard. Fire features act as great focus and socializing points, allowing family and guests to stay outside for longer hours. Water features created from one or more boulders bring the peaceful sights and sounds of nature to your own backyard. 

Focal Points

If you are planning a few different spaces in your yard or garden, boulders can be a lovely way to encourage natural separation. A few boulders that divide your quiet, relaxing area from the children’s play area is one prime example. 

Furthermore, boulders can be used to create focal points in order to draw attention toward parts of your yard that you want to be highlighted. Have a new garden or outdoor art? Consider adding a few boulders to bring an aesthetic emphasis. 

Zen Gardens

Japanese zen gardens are a minimalistic visual retreat that anyone can create in their outdoor space, no matter the size. These types of gardens create harmony between rocks, pebbles, and natural plants, and they work particularly well for gardens and yards that are less capable of grass. The idea is to create an area that emphasizes tranquility and peace, and the best among them will always include a boulder or two in the center or around the perimeter. 

Natural Seating

Landscape boulders also allow homeowners to express their creativity. Many will want a place to be able to enjoy their beautiful backyard (especially with a new garden, fireplace, or water feature), and boulders provide a beautiful way to incorporate seating into their landscape. Instead of worrying about cheap lawn chairs that contrast with the natural beauty of your yard, opt for the timeless charm of a few well-placed landscape boulders instead. 

Add Height and Elevation

Landscape boulders can also be incorporated into your yard on a purely functional basis as well. Whether you need to add height and elevation to your yard, or if you already have height and need a retaining wall, landscape boulders can meet the need. Similarly, natural stone and boulders can be used very effectively to create stairs, stepping stones, and paths. Using large boulders for functional purposes looks particularly lovely when tall plants, trees, grasses, and flowers border the edges of the staircase or retaining wall – a fantastic choice for anyone looking to create a natural, almost wild look to their garden.

Create a Border 

Another very common way to incorporate boulders into your landscape is to create borders that contain your plants, garden, and lawn so that your yard has a more structured look. These boulder rocks could be large, medium, or small, and they can be intermixed along a border in order to create a charming, cottage-like or cabin-like appearance. 

Wildlife Havens 

If your goal is to attract and encourage more wildlife on your property, landscape boulders are an effective way to create natural shelter and habitat for birds, butterflies, rabbits, and frogs. Position your landscape boulders in overgrown areas with ample access to water, leaves, and other shrubbery, and you’ll be sure to create a haven for wildlife to retreat and visit. 

The Rock Garden - Your Partner in Landscaping Stone

The Rock Garden is your partner for all types of landscape boulders and stone. We deliver within a 50-mile radius of our Fort Collins headquarters, excluding Wyoming, and we work well with local landscapers who can help you place your boulder upon delivery.

People often wonder how big of a boulder they need (and how heavy it will be). If this is you, or you simply want a little extra inspiration, come visit our lovely Rock Garden today! In person, it is easier to get a feel for how big/heavy our boulders are, and how they look in natural lighting. 

If you have any questions, contact our professional team, and we would be pleased to help. 

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