Flagstone & Steppers

We understand that people use the term ‘flagstone’ to mean A LOT of different things! In our case, we’re referring to irregular-shaped slabs of stone, generally used for paving a yard or a pathway. We break ours down into two different size classifications:

Full flagstone – 36″ and up, usually standing vertically on a pallet, sometimes getting up to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Make sure you have a buddy to help you handle these! They’re great for covering larger areas like a patio or outdoor kitchen.

Steppers – usually between 12″-36″, excellent for garden pathways, covering smaller areas of your yard, and any other DIY projects you have in mind!

We stock local Colorado flagstone, as well as offerings from partnering quarries in the Midwest and Western Regions. Stop by and take a look at our collection, and see what works best for your project!

Currently available in:
– Watermark Buff
– Colorado Red
– Cowboy
– Smoke
– Santa Fe Buff
– Thunderhead